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780 North Hudson

Chicago, Illinois

The tower is oriented with long façades facing north and south. The north façade incorporates punched window openings to minimize heat losses. The south façade is primarily glass with windows protected from the summer sun by a continuous balcony

that provides solar shading. The curve of the north façade integrates the building with its neighbors to the west and enhances the view corridor to the Spirit of Progress statue on the former Montgomery Ward headquarters site. The tower and podium are visually and functionally united by a planted Winter Garden that will be used all year long by the residents and the public as a lobby, pre-function space and coffee bar. The Winter Garden will be a unique feature of the building when viewed from Chicago Avenue. Features of the apartment floors include an elevator lobby with windows to bring daylight into the interior and offer a connection with the outside; south exposures and useable terraces for a majority of units; residences designed specifically for the needs of older adults; a flexible floor plate that allows for optimum design of the units.




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